Easy Chocolate Freezer Fudge

55 cal, 6C/4F/1P/4S.

No-cook, no-bake, 3-ingredient freezer fudge: Pumpkin (or sweet potato), nut/seed butter, chocolate. Healthy! We all agree that chocolate is healthy right? That’s what I thought.

Being sick for 2 whole weeks has done me some good folks. I’ve learned a lot about photography. In particular, food photography. It turns out, youtube is chock-full of information and I have one bigger head now. Not kidding, I’ve been downloading all that info with a very large bandwidth.

And I APOLOGIZE. I have been bringing you very uninformed, misguided content guys. Yes, the recipes themselves and the nutrition info has been good, but the photos… left something to be desired to be extra super gentle on my ego. I just didn’t know a LOT. I still don’t! But I know some more. And I think these photos came out a tiny bit better.

But anyway, back to the recipe, which is the most important bit, right? These are the easiest, yummiest, chocolatey treat and the absolute favorite in our household lately. After every lunch, open the freezer, one piece for everyone! Enjoy with your tea/coffee or by itself.

Just don’t let these freezer fudge sit too long in room temperature because they will turn into chocolate mousse πŸ™‚


  • 1/2 cup pumpkin or sweet potato puree (120 g)
  • 1/4 cup any nut/seed butter (64 g)
  • 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips or 4 oz dark chocolate (112 g)

Makes 18 squares. Heat pumpkin in the microwave until just warm to the touch. Stir in chocolate and let it melt (heat some more if any stubborn pieces remain) and stir in nut butter. Line a 9×5 loaf pan with parchment with overhangs off the sides, pour in the fudge, flatten and freeze a couple of hours. Remove from the freezer, slice into 18 (3×6 will do) and enjoy. Re-freeze any leftovers! Enjoy from the freezer!

Hope you love this recipe and tag me on instagram with your photos! ❀


5 thoughts on “Easy Chocolate Freezer Fudge

  1. Ok, this is just what I needed! I was coming down with a cold, but this was so easy I still managed to throw it together. Now, I have deliciously chocolate, cold fudge in the freezer! Perfect for a quick pick-me-up and feels great on a sore throat, plus low calorie. Thanks!


    1. oh my goodness Emily, hope you feel better soon and YES! healthy freezer fudge can be good for the throat (and the mind!) while sick! thank you so much for the review and enjoy those goodies! (ps. this domain is about to expire! my new corner of the internet is http://www.plentysweet.net hope you like it! 😊❀️)


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